i& is a venture that brings together Israeli innovation and major global corporations. Building on The Box Group’s vast international network we set out to answer two needs:
T hat of global companies wishing to tap into the persistent flow of open ingenuity coming from Israel
& that of the Israeli startups who, often, have no business feasibility unless they operate globally.


i& operates through a unique “outsourced corporate VC” model – allowing multi-national corporations to stay ahead of innovation and on top of business opportunities coming from Israel. Unlike scouters, or even innovation centers, we are locals who have been investing-in and building-up successful startups for decades. We understand the dynamics of a major business and following an intimate survey of the corporation, we will use our vast and active network to deliver optimal opportunities. The most promising startups, will also get an envelope of services from accounting through marketing to mentorship from top execs, assuring the best chances of success for the corporate’s investment.

What corporations are we after?

We can provide the most value to multi-national corporations that engage in a direct relationship with their customers.
We serve transformational organizations, who seek to maintain their lead through a smart adaptation of innovation.

What do we provide our startups?

W e are entrepreneurs, driven by passion and frankly, doing the only thing we love to do. Growing ideas into business. If that sounds like you, we can provide you venture with access, saving you time. money and heartache.
This is done through the following services:
Mentorship from top executive in the media world - A unique program called “Abalez” where we match seasoned mentors with relevant startups. This is a structured program where the guidance is provided in return for equity under clear commitments on both sides. It is a program that recognizes the personal and individual element – often the most critical factor predicting success.
Hands-on business development Global growth strategy, networking, finance
Hands- On product and marketing consolation (brand proposition, dev and product)
business intelligence - Aggregate information for the worldwide investor community
Ongoing familiarity with institutionalized growth opportunities in Israel ( for example EU grants or Export institution funded delegations)
Facilities and work spaces

What startups are we after?

Early stage startups in:








Roee Grinblat

Assaf Greenfeld

Eli Uzan

David Zerah

Companies we work with

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